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Will you hold my heart?

hold it gently , please

it's been through a lot 

it needs time to breathe

holding on by a thread

nearly breaking in half

will you hold my heart? 

gently, please

will you hold my hand?

squeeze it real tight

while we walk through the meadow

while we fly through the night.

please don't let go

i'd hate to get lost

separated from you 

id wither and die

will you be by my side

when i need you most?

while you comfort me?

me and my ghosts

they come when i sleep

they haunt all my dreams

they make me forget about

you, you and me

Sometimes i wish we could simply exist

sitting on a bench 

feet in the sand

a simple wish

a simple dream

my simple heart

just needs to be held
12.1.19 07:11

my dear friend, part II

i miss you, dearly

miss you , clearly

i miss you...sincerely

from the bottom of my heart

from the depths of my soul

it aches, my skins' about to burst;

this feeling is chilling

it runs down my bones

it races up my spine

its like a piercing light, just dark and less bright

my dear friend...

i miss you, dearly

i miss you, clearly

i miss you..severely

i wish we could go back

back to how things were

back to you and me

i wish i wish i wish

but times are different

times have changed

times have changed you

they left me untouched

my dear dear friend

i miss you..

i miss you entirely

i miss the way we laughed

i miss the way we cried

i miss the way we talked

all day and all night

about the world

about nothing at all

about the importance of things

that others deemed a waste of time

we imagined a life

a life for you

a life for me

never apart but also

never really together

we knew we were bad for each other

we knew it had to end

and it did

and we did

my dear , dear friend

i miss you

in a way that makes me sick just thinking about it

that makes me want to vomit my organs

because it feels like they are being crushed

under all of this weight

under all of this senselessness

it did not last long enough

it felt like seconds

years flew by i took it for granted

when it ended

i knew i was very wrong


my dear friend

you have a new life

a happy life

a fulfilled life

a life i could have never offered you

realities that were never my dreams

for us

life has altered

for you

and for me

very much for me

my dear friend

i am sorry

for everything

for me, myself and I

for having to get away from my ideals

in order to find what you needed

im sorry

for not being right for you

for us not being right

for our broken shards

not fitting back together

now the pieces are lost

and no matter how hard i try

they cannot be mended

they should not be mended

my dearest of friends

i am happy for you

for all that is yours

now and forever more


i still miss you, dearly

i still miss you, sincerely

i still miss you.. clearly
7.1.19 19:54

my dear friend

i miss you , dearly

i miss you, clearly
7.1.19 04:42

Wouldnt it be nice

to be seen?

wouldnt it..
6.1.19 05:17

conflicted conflicted conflicted

what should i do

what should i not

how far can i go

where do i stop?

what are priorities

and what are just wants?

do i focus more

or can i let loose

will it be a cliff

or maybe a noose

id like to let go

id like to break free

will you help me?
30.12.18 04:53

wie wann und wie

spreche ich jemanden an

jemanden mit dem ich immer reden moechte

es nie tue

mich immer sehne

mich nie traue

immer traeume

und dann

29.12.18 05:03

26.12.18 17:51

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